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Roof Inspections In NYC and Nassau Country

Whenever you hire Brick Tech Contracting Corp for a roof inspection, your current roof will be in the best of hands. You’ll learn things from an inspection such as when repairs are needed or when it will need replaced. We will uncover any potential hazards that will prohibit your roof from working properly. We want to see to it that your roof is free of problems and will last you for many years to come. Let Brick Tech Contracting Corp detect your problems and repair them on the spot with our professional inspections.

Roof Damages Repaired

We have the answer to your roofing damages. Through our inspections, your roof will be carefully gone over for any damages. We look for things such as damaged gutters and missing shingles. These are the most common. From there-we will discuss repair options.
Peace of Mind

A roofing contractor can cause mistakes without ever alerting you. We have seen this very often as a poor installation will cause your roof to malfunction and you would not even know until there is water damage inside the home.

Successful Roofs

You’ll find tips for keeping your roof well preserved whenever you hire our Queens Roofing inspectors. A successful roof starts with good roofers. The roofers at Brick Tech Contracting Corp will help you keep your roof in one piece without needing a replacement.

What to Expect During an Inspection

During an inspection, our inspectors will climb up onto your roof and check the condition. If there are any problems, we will alert you. Repairs can be discussed at that time or replacement options. Often times, the inspector can provide you with an estimate upfront.

Advantages of a Roof Inspection

Roofing Inspector NYC

Passing an inspection means that there is less of a chance for leaks and other problems to occur. Our roofers do roofing right so that you are not in limbo with your current roof. We can take care of major repairs, installations, and the maintenance needed for a long lasting roof.

When to Have A Roof Inspection Done

Inspections should be done two times a year: spring and right before the winter. These are times of year will take the biggest toll on your roof. Winter is huge for damages as ice dams and extreme cold weather takes hit on your roof. The same goes for summer as the extreme heat damages shingles. For roof inspections, contact Brick Tech Contracting Corp We’ll get your roof 100% sealed tight. We care about your well being and want your reputation to reflect on your roof
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