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Brick Tech contracting corp masonry restoration granite stones


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Who we are

BRICK TECH CONTRACTING CORP is a general contractor servicing Providing. Residential and commercial properties throughout the New York City and Long Island area. From renovations to masonry and many more services. Our 10 years of experience and a team of skilled contractors allow us to deliver the results that our clients deserve.

Our priority lies in making sure that we meet all of your specifications, down to the smallest detail. And we will maintain open communication throughout the duration of the project so that we can accomplish this. Whatever renovations you need are all within our capabilities and we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the results.

We would love to work with you on your next project. So, for more information about any of our services or to receive a free estimate. Please contact us at BRICK TECH CONTRACTING CORP

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What our customers are saying about us

Best Brick Tech Contracting Corp

Brick Tech contracting corp, Masonry Restoration contractor, Waterproofing and roofing contractor, Granite Stones contractor, Parapet Walls contractorAre you looking for the best brick tech contracting corp? Great! You are at the right place.  Furthermore, We are the best brick tech contracting corp offering residential and commercial services. We provide a wide range of different services. Because, As the best brick tech contracting corp, our expert team provides effective services according to the client’s demands.

We ensure that our services are up to the client’s demands. As the best brick tech contracting corp, we thoroughly discuss project details with our client. Specifically, we offer commercial and industrial roof repair services. We also provide the services of fixing roof membrane, parapet wall. Sewers, installing ladders, waterproofing, roofing, granite work, and modified windows. As we are the outstanding brick tech contracting corp, our client’s satisfaction is our top-notch priority. Therefore, contact us if you want restoration services.

Responsibilities of masonry restoration contractors 

Do you know the functions of masonry restoration contractors? Let’s get an insight into it. In the first place, Masonry restoration contractors not only focus on masonry work. But they deeply understand the masonry process. They know how to do small and big projects. Furthermore, Masonry restoration contractors work with architects to meet the demands of the client. Our masonry restoration contractors are highly expert, enthusiastic, and skill to give you the best restoration services. Although as the best masonry restoration contractors, we offer budget-friendly solutions to our clients without compromising quality services.

Why do you need a Waterproofing and Roofing Contractor?

Have you wondered what the importance of waterproofing and roof contractor is? You need waterproofing and a roofing contractor, especially if you want to repair your roof. Because extreme weather conditions and strong wind affect the roof specifically if you have not used good asphalt. Moreover, the quality process and hands of the applicator influence the lifespan of your roof. Therefore, you need the best waterproofing and roof contractor if you want the roof’s renovation.

Our specialist knows which material is the best for the life of the roof. So, our best waterproofing and roof contractor offers an effective solution for every customer’s roofing condition. Moreover, we also provide consultation services to our clients so that they can easily decide. Our main aim is to provide effective services to our clients. Hence, you need to contact us, as we are the best waterproofing and roof, contractor.

Role of Granite Stone Contractor

How does a granite stone contractor will help you? If you are renovating your home, you must need a granite stone contractor. Because they assist you in finding the best granite. You need to hire an expert granite stone contractor as they give you the best stone advice. Moreover, the granite stone contractor reduces your effort by helping you in the selection of granite stone. They assist you in selecting outstanding and affordable granite stone. Granite stone contractor has expertise in other stones as well. Although, You will be more confident about your right choice as you have hired a granite stone contractor.

Best Parapet Wall Contractor

Are you looking for the best parapet wall contractor? Let’s find out the role of a parapet wall contractor. In ancient times, the parapet wall contractor establishes the parapet walls for safety, but they have survived in the modern world. Parapet wall contractor created these walls on the roof to prevent the fire from spreading. Moreover, these walls also provide wind resistance as the wind can damage many roofs. Therefore, get in touch with the best parapet wall contractor to get these services.