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Paving stone driveway installation Companies near me

Advantages of Stone Driveway Installation

Do you know the benefits of stone driveway installation? Why do you need to install a stone driveway? Because you need to do, stone driveway installation if your pavement is falling apart. Otherwise, the cracked pavement will ruin your home’s look, and uneven surface can cause injuries as well. Therefore, we are describing you some of the advantages of stone driveway installation.  

  • Affordable

Everyone wants to invest in an affordable driveway, according to his or her budget. Crushed stones are reasonable among all the other surfacing materials. Moreover, if you are purchasing material from a local shop, the cost of the stone driveway will be minimum.

  • Easy to install

The installation of crushed stones is effortless, whether you are installing it or hiring a professional. You can easily install a stone driveway with perfect tools.

  • Low-maintenance

Crushed stones require low maintenance so; it will save your finance and energy as you do not need to repair it again. However, the biggest problem of crushed stones is the blowing leaves, sticks, and grass that will stick to the surface.

The procedure of Stone Driveway Installation

Best paving stone companies near me suggest the following steps to install the stone driveway.

  • First, you have to perform a percolation test to examine how fast soil absorbs water. Then take off the previous driveway and dig to a depth of 15 inches.
  • Place the crushed stone layer over the evacuation. Now, smooth the surface using plate compactor, across and lengthwise. Cover the surface with the crushed stones again and flatten it.
  • Starting from the lowest corner, place the pavers close to one another so that stone can bind easily. Set the full sizes pieces first and then cut them to fill the gaps.
  • Sprinkle the stones on to pavers and sweep it with a broom. Press the brush diagonally across the grid so that you do not dislodge any stones in the joints.
  • Make the surface smooth by using a plate compactor. The machine’s vibrations cause the stones to bind[s1] together firmly, and your driveway is ready.Stone driveway installation, paving stone companies near me

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